Establishing a company in Slovakia

Do you want to start your own business and need a professional counseling? Are you lost in Slovak bureaucratic requirements and want a pofessional to found a company for you?

Contact us and our legal adviser will help you during entire process of establishment of the company. They will do all the paperwork for you and and also assure communication with administrative authorities. 

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Cost of service: from 220,- €  + administration fees

Final price depend on the type of the company, number of associates, owners and trades.

The price 220 ,- € is designed for the company with 1 associate, 1 owner and maximum 5 trades


Establishing a limited liability company

The current legal framework for the process of founding and operating a limited liability company is valid for both Slovak and foreign entrepreneurs alike

Steps to found a limited liability company:

step 1 - Choice of the commercial name - the choice of commercial name is up to you but it has to be unique (you can verifi a uniqueness of the company name on

step 2 - Choice of major business activities - you have to choose the major field of business activities, a separate license is needed to operate for each activity, for each free trade the administration fee is 3,- €

step 3 - Choise of the registrated seat of the company - take advantage from our complementary service Registrated seat

step 4 - Signature of partnership deed/ foundation charter - a document which contains all the matters determining and governing the mutual rights and duties  of the partners . It also contains name, nature of business, capital, duration of the firm,...

step 5 - Nomination of administrator of contributions - confirmation that all associates have paid a required amount of contribution to the registered capital

step 6 - Signature specimen - the form including the signature specimen of each associate

step 7 - Declaration of single partner - in case that the company is founded only by one associate, this associate has to declare that he is not the single partner in more than in two companies

step 8 - Certification of documents by a notary - the majority of documents have to be certificated by a notary

step 9 - Registration in the Trade Register of Slovak Republic

step 10 - Registration in the Business Register of Slovak Republic - registration in the Business Register is now possible also by the Internet

step 11 - Registration in the Board of revenues - after the registration in the Business Register i tis necessary to set the account in a bank and register the company in the Board of revenues. The company has to register  for the Income Tax,  the Value Added Tax and other Tax fees

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