Virtual business address in Bratislava

Do you need a contact address in the Slovak Republic for your business? Do you want a prestigeous business address location with a post box in the capital of Slovakia? Take advantage from our service and get your business address with a post box in Bratislava already now !

step 1 - call and provide us with necessary information about your company and in return we will send you a contract by e-mail

step 2 - once you have signed the contract, send us a comfirmation of payment of activation fee and payment for services for the first quarter

step 3 - in return we will post you the signed contract (2 exemplars) and install your post box

From this time you are fully allowed to use this address for your business:

Obchodná 39; 811 06 Bratislava, Slovakia

You can get your business address only by email, telephone and post! Any personal meetings are needed!

Cost of service: 29 € / month, payments for quarter

Supplementary service: mail forwarding, mail notifications, mail archivation

You can order this service separately from the service Registered address

Do you have any questions? Call us! +421 915 722 546

Price list (PDF)


About our service Business address

This service is designed for those who need a mailing address and post box for their business activities in Slovakia.

Business address in prestigeous location makes your business accessible and credible. It is an optimal solution for small and middle businesses that do not need their own office and wish to portray a professional image and reduce expenses.

The service is suitable for foreign companies penetrating into Slovak market or for those who want to create an image of multinational company and create their branch office also in Slovak Republic.

Your new business address  is a contact address with a post box on

39 Obchodna Street, Old city, Bratislava, Slovakia

Tax district: Board of revenue Bratislava I

                    37 Radinskeho Street

                    817 89 Bratislava


Several complementary services are available:

-         Mail forwarding - your mails will be redirected to you for a fiven period of time (every time you get a mail, weekly, monthly...)

-         Mail notification - we will advise you of every delivered mail by email

-         Mail archivation - if it is sufficient for you to redirect your mails once for a longer period of time, we will collect and archive it for you

Recommended supplementary service:

> Registrated seat


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